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A comprehensive eight week program that trains specialty brand leaders to cut through the noise online and enroll the right target shoppers to grow and activate a community of loyal brand fans.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Academy

About the Academy:

The Academy is the only program of its kind that levels the playing field for specialty brands and retailers in the all out battle for attention being waged online today.

The immersive, eight-week course, led by Kristin Carpenter, is built for brand and marketing leaders needing to up-level their marketing skills and strategies for 2021 in-light of fast-moving changes in consumer behavior trends, COVID-19 and recovery from the recession.

Together, with Kristin and a motivated peer group of like-minded specialty brand leaders, you will build out an actionable strategy to help your brand rise above the noise in 2021 and build a committed community of loyal consumers.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Have earned a seat at the leadership table of your organization as the absolute consumer advocate for your brand
  • Have a proven framework to support ongoing channel and brand positioning evolution
  • Have a strategy and clarity on budgeting and KPI for 2021
  • Have a pulse on your target consumer through weekly analysis
  • Have an understanding of ongoing COVID-19 communications' best practices
  • Have confidence in knowing what digital marketing strategies will work best for your changing consumer
  • Have a path to consumer-centric alignment within your organization between sales and marketing
  • Have confidence deploying a rolling launch strategy that consistently “goes to the consumer” instead of the old playbook, going to the market

This course is for you, if:

  • You don’t know where to start in building out your marketing strategy and budget for 2021
  • You are unsure who exactly your target consumer is and the BEST way to serve them online
  • You want equal footing at the leadership table
  • You are a busy executive who wants to grow their career

Multi-Channel Marketing Academy Will:

  • Equip you with the tools and trainings you need to modernize your marketing skills through the coronavirus


  • Help you discover, outline and adapt to the most effective digital, multi-channel approaches working today
  • Empower you to be a leader within your organization who owns the end consumer relationship


  • Create a cadence for reporting back to your leadership peers on which marketing investments work as you grow and engage your audience

  • Teach you the power of storytelling and creating an emotional connection with your community


  • Establish processes for creating the perfect overlay of channels to be remarkable to your end consumer

Student Testimonials:

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Brittany Haas

Chief Adventure Officer, UNGUIDED

"Kristin took time to engage with me one-on-one and not only dive into the content deeper, but also strategize around how to take my company to the next level. Aside from the content and personal coaching, the Multi-Channel Marketing Academy helped me overcome some limiting beliefs I had about my company's potential reach, which is an invaluable outcome."

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Henrik Lampert

N.A. Marketing Manager, Faction Skis

"The MCMA team did a great job of crafting the course in such a way that it provides enlightening and actionable information for budding and experienced marketers alike. The direct training and tips from Kristin serve as a solid base to the course, and weekly live chats with industry leaders, as well as the guides and resources make for a well-rounded, thoughtfully-curated approach to the education."

Ryan Eittram

Sales Director, Wintersteiger

Cat Alleto 

Founder, Spark4

What's Inside?

Multi-Channel Marketing Academy was designed to help you discover (or re-discover) how you can successfully modernize your marketing strategy and navigate through these uncertain times.

    MCMA is one part mind shift and two parts modernization of how your organization takes action on sales and marketing today. By joining MCMA, you're committed to modernizing your brands communications and commerce, while keeping today's evolving consumer top of mind. 

    Learn about your role as a marketing leader, how to step confidently into that role and have an effectively massive impact on your brand. In this module, you'll break down silos and own the end consumer + brand relationship within your organization. 

    In this module, it's all about your target consumer. You'll learn what kind of art you need to deploy - and on what channels - to win the hearts, minds and attention spans of your target consumer. 

    Go deeper into how to elevate your offer above the noise of competitors and commodities. In this module, you'll learn the power of storytelling and how it allows you to create an emotional connection within your community, which in turn, creates loyal followers of your brand. Learn best practices and how to apply them to your brand and products. 

    This is a crucial element of MCMA. Learn how to take your research and work from the past sections and make it actionable. Learn how to really be a specialty brand that lives and breathes to make remarkable things just for your target audience. In this module, you'll also learn how to construct a multi-channel strategy based on a specific shopper. 

    Multi-channel marketing and brand communications is about delivering a brand experience to the channels your target shoppers prefer. Being remarkable to your community across all channels is what this module offers. You'll focus on understanding brand experiences and how important they are to build your community and following. 


In the final MCMA module, you'll learn how to break down and rebuild the way specialty brands bring new products to your consumers. It's time to bring together all you've learned so you have exactly what you need to be a Multi-Channel Master. 


  • Weekly video trainings with Kristin 
  • A resource section with worksheets and bonus content
  • Option for coaching sessions with Kristin
  • Access to a valuable network of like-minded marketing leaders via a private Facebook or LinkedIn group

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